Open House


What is Scientology?  

What is its purpose?

What can it do? 


These are good questions–questions that can only be answered by someone seeing the truth for themselves. No matter what a person reads, not matter how much they research, there is no substitute for simply seeing something with one’s own two eyes and deciding based on one’s own viewpoint.

You are welcome to come into the Church of Scientology any time and just check things out for yourself. 

Get a tour, talk to a Scientologist, watch some free films and get some free information.  Whether you’re interested in the Church’s anti-drug programs, its human rights initiatives, the wildly successful drug rehab centers or just want to see how Dianetics or Scientology can help you in your own personal life, we have information for you.

Because Scientology is among the fastest-growing religions in the world, we realize people have questions.  They’ve heard something on TV.  They’ve seen something on the internet.  They’re curious.  Well, come get your questions answered.  Find out for yourself. Stop by any time and just let the Receptionist know you’re here for the Open House or for more information, call (314)727-3747. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to email us below.  We’re always glad to hear from you.




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