Public Films

The Church of Scientology of Missouri has regular showings of public films available to anyone who is interested in learning more about the mind or spirit.  These films are shown daily in the film room at 6901 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63114.  All are invited.  There is no cost.


Evolution of a Science


What is Dianetics?  What are the effects of the mind on the body?  Based on a true story that happened in the 1950s shortly after the release of the book Dianetics: Evolution of a Science, this film is a dramatic portrayal of one man’s struggle for hope and dignity.  Devastated by a crippling disability, and relegated to a lost cause by the “authorities” of the day, here is a story about the power of one person applying L. Ron Hubbard’s discoveries in the field of the mind and spirit and the profound changes in his life as a result.

A testament to the power of mind over matter and to the incisive workability of Dianetics therapy, this film is a must see for anyone seeking an understanding of the mind.  Call for showtimes.  Free.




Welcome! The sum of your orientation to life, so far: This is Earth. It is materialistic. You get one life. A car. A family and a whole lot of confusion. Hope you fare well. They sent you to school to learn about the physical universe. Hey – What about your mind? What about your future? What about interacting with other humans? What about eternity? What about YOU? When do you find out about that? NOW.

The film Orientation was written by L. Ron Hubbard. It orients you to a NEW WORLD – the world of Scientology. Find out for yourself what Scientology is all about. Free.



The Married Couple

Married CoupleStatistics indicate that over 40% of marriages in the United States will end in divorce.  “Till death do us part” no longer carries the same weight it once did.  The institution of marriage has become harder to maintain in today’s increasingly immoral society.  Infidelity is not just widespread, it’s actively promoted and advertised.  One only has to read the paper or go online to see people actively creating an attitude that marriage is pointless or impractical.

It is against this backdrop that one is struggling when attempting to maintain a marriage.  The cards are stacked against one and pressures actively push marriages apart.  In today’s society, what can be done about marriage problems for real?  Are there any true solutions?

“The Married Couple” film is a tour de force which lays bare the fundamental truths of why marriages succeed…and why they don’t.  The secrets of how to make a marriage aren’t found in People magazine or another quiz about how to be a good lover.  They are found in the basic laws of life and human interaction.  And so here are Scientology tools of the spirit applied to that most precious and most mysterious of human relationships–a marriage.

Learn what has enabled thousands of people with serious marital difficulties to resolve their problems.  Find out how to start a successful marriage and keep it going.  Discover the secrets of having a happy family life.  Gain stability in your marriage and learn how to repair upsets before they really blow up.  Find out how to deal with rough spots in your marriage.

Ever wish your marriage came with an owner’s manual?  It does now.  Watch “The Married Couple” at the Church of Scientology.  Call for showtimes.  Free.



The Story of Book One

Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental HealthHow did a bestseller on the mind forever change the world’s understanding of thought?  Starting a wildfire which has since come to influence nearly every area of human activity, Dianetics burst upon the world as a phenomenon in publishing history in 1950. What sparked that wave of enthusiasm? And how did the subject of Dianetics come about in the first place?

When news of L. Ron Hubbard’s groundbreaking discoveries on the mind began leaking out, a groundswell movement of interest began.  The demand from the general public became so great that no other choice was left but to write a book: Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.  The Story of Book One, a film by Golden Era Productions, tells the epic tale of one how that book came to be, showing the back story to what is now known the world over as an international bestselling phenomenon.