Free Scientology Center

Feel like you need help in life and don’t know where to turn?

Want to just try out Scientology and see what it’s like?

Our help is available to anyone who comes in to better themselves, no matter social standing or financial ability.  Our purpose is simply to help people live happier, more productive lives.  Because of this, as a public service, the Church of Scientology runs a Free Scientology Center, where anyone can come for help with life’s problems.

The Free Scientology Center is made up of students who are studying to become Dianetics or Scientology auditors.  In many respects it is like a clinic associated with a university.  These students have entered into this study so that they may help mankind.  When someone comes to the Church for help and are unable to pay for normal services, these students may take that person on and help them using Dianetics or Scientology processing, at no charge.

Contact us for more information about the Free Scientology Center or call (314)727-3747.


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