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One of the best ways to find out about Scientology is to see how it applies to you.  This removes it from debates about philosophy and puts it in concrete terms:

“Can this help me?”


While explanations of Scientology are valuable, one of the best ways to really understand it is to see how it applies to your life and your personality exactly.


Free Online Personality Test

To this end, the Church of Scientology of Missouri offers an amazingly accurate online personality test, free of charge.  Its pinpoint accuracy is practically a modern-day crystal ball.  You won’t just find out what “personality type” you are—you’ll actually receive a scientific comparison of yourself to your true potentials.  This is a one-of-a-kind analysis, completely unavailable elsewhere on the web.

By analyzing one’s own personality, one can easily see how Scientology would apply to their life specifically.


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Areas of Assessment:

Free Scientology Personality Test

There are ten traits that are assessed on the personality test.  These traits are:


Do you have a high mastery of yourself and plans or are you impulsive and out of your own control?  How stable are you in life?


How happy are you really?  Is your life moving the direction that you want it to, or do you feel that you’re blocked from achieving your goals?


How nervous are you?  Are you tense and easily rattled or are you relaxed and calm about life in general?


How certain are you of yourself?  Are you unsure of your own views or reliable and consistent in your ideas?


How busy are you?  Are you handling too much?  Too little?


Are you willing to cause things to happen?  Are you the kind of person to roll up your sleeves and dive in or do you avoid confronting situations in life?


Do you really assume responsibility for those things in your control or do you unconsciously blame other people for your shortcomings in life?

Correct Estimation

How critical are you of others?  Are you pleasant to be around or are you a grumbler who cannot accept others good points along with their bad points?


How warm and considerate are you to others?  Can you see the “other guy’s” point of view or do past betrayals made you keep people at arm’s length?

Communication Level

How good are your communication skills?  Do you reach out to people or are you withdrawn and hide your true feelings?


Oxford Capacity Analysis™

The Oxford Capacity Analysis™ personality test, or OCA™, is delivered as a public service.  Used by the Church itself as a scientific barometer of whether a person is getting better, the test is designed to reveal EXACTLY what a person’s strengths and weaknesses are.  Like any scientific test, the most important criterion is accuracy.

The Church provides public personality testing, IQ testing and aptitude testing for free to increase public awareness of themselves and so allow them to increase their abilities.



Grading and Evaluation:

Each of the above traits is scored on a scale between +100 and -100, with different levels determining exactly how that personality trait is affecting the rest of your life.

Additionally, certain combinations of traits in relation to each other mean different things, giving a trained test evaluator far more information than simply which one is high and which is low.  An OCA™ personality test in the hands of an expert who knows how to scientifically read it is better than a crystal ball.  Why?  Because you answered the questions yourself.  No one else’s opinion is included.

After your test is graded, you will be contacted so that you can schedule your personal evaluation at our test center in University City.


What People Are Saying:


“This test matched my life and what teachers had been saying about me since 4th grade!  How amazing!”



“The test was spot-on. It showed that I was very nervous about some new responsibilities that I had just taken on, and it was right—I was nervous!  But most amazingly, I actually was taking on new responsibilities!  How did the test know that?” 



“It was a bit hard for me at first when I took this personality test.  It showed a couple of things that I kind of knew were true, but never really wanted to think about.  One in particular really stung.  I was in denial about it and so when the test showed that I was being overly critical and mean I actually got upset.  But regardless, it did end up making me take a good, hard look at myself and I saw that I was actually doing exactly what the test showed!  I had just been blind to it!  It was the weirdest thing.

“After that, I was able to just stop acting like that.  I changed who I was hanging around with.  Also, just by being aware that I was acting like that allowed me to stop doing it.  The oddest thing about the test was that after I took it, I was able to look back on my life and see that I had been acting like that the whole time, but had never noticed it!”

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