Personal Efficiency Course Testimonials

Instant Changes

“When I arrived to start this course, my mind was spinning with thoughts and worries about myself, relationships, work, future, etc. On the course I learned that I was very introverted, but upon realizing and learning what was really going on, I was able to make changes that began working instantly for me. I feel more in control, clear-minded and relaxed after taking this course.” –T.W.


Improved Communication

“I’ve taken many seminars and workshops in the past, but none like this one. The Personal Efficiency Course provided me with the keys to succeed in life, improve my lifestyle and be more content with myself. I feel my communication has improved drastically. I can use the information on affinity, reality and communication in my favor to live life in a better, more efficient way. I realize I am in control of my life, and feel I now have confidence, which resolves a setback I’ve had for many years. This course has changed my perspective, my way of thinking and my reality.” –G.J.


The Big Picture

“This course really helped me to clearly see the big picture of humanity and how each and every one of us fits into it. It all begins with ourselves and how we manage and control our own emotions and actions. It then extends out into humanity and the other areas of life. It clarifies how one change in our thoughts, our actions and behaviors changes many dimensions around us—for better or for worse. I learned that we are capable of serenity and success in our personal and social lives. It is just a great, eye-opening course.” –J.W.


Not By Chance

“After coming here today I feel that life is not lived by chance, but that things happen because I make them happen. As far as my working relations are concerned, I will use what I have learned here to improve my attitude toward work performance and promotions.” –H.V.


Healthier Lifestyles

“I really enjoyed this course today. I now have a better idea of how work affects our everyday lives and how to use these new tools when coping with work and people. With further study it will lead to more successful relationships with family, work and the business environment and healthier lifestyles. Once mastering this course, I plan to share the wisdom and spread a healthier way of living which should lead to a longer life.” –R.T.


More Aware

“This course helped me become more aware of what I am already doing and how to concentrate on doing it better. It has also given me new ideas on how to handle myself in a healthy way after a long stressful day at work. That was definitely very enlightening and I could totally relate to it.” –D.S.


Simple Tools

“I really liked the course, and found simple tools that are very logical and helpful. I think the whole thing is brilliant, and I thank you for it.” –S.W.


Solving Any Problem

“The realizations I have had are that with effective control, communication, affinity and the right attitude, one can be successful in any type of work. If the system is actually organized, any problems can be avoided or solved. This course helped me to simplify issues. I now know that once the reason for something is identified and broken down, it becomes much easier to solve.” –M.W.


A Different View

“Today I learned skills for becoming a better person and for helping others do better in their lives at the same time. This includes helping my own family improve their day-to-day mentality. The course enabled me to be more productive and to be a better parent for my kids. I am looking at life differently now, from a different angle, and can see how to improve my own way of thinking and my success.” –G.G.


The Right Way

“I learned to be more open, to listen to others and to help them by showing them the right way to communicate at work and in life in general. I now want to be around more positive people and to avoid negativity.” –S.M.


A Better Leader

“This course taught me how to be a better leader for my employees and how to allow the start-change-stop process to take place. I have learned methods I can rely on if at any time I feel exhausted or worn out. I was reluctant to take this course even with multiple recommendations, but I am amazed at the personal results. It has convinced me to delve deeper into the vast realms of Scientology.” –R.M.


Handling Upsets

“I feel like I have a better understanding of why I feel tired at work or get into fights with people and now I know I can handle upsets between me and other people by communicating. I also feel I can handle work more efficiently.” –S.G.


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