Life Improvement Courses

Scientology Life Improvement Courses are classes delivered in a Scientology church which tackle very exact problems or areas of life.  Some courses will introduce a person to Scientology or teach them about life in general.  But what if a person has a problem they need to solve right now or an area of life the really have attention on?  This is not the time for general information about life.  This is the time for pinpoint, exact handlings, giving the MOST important information on a subject so that you can make immediate changes.  

There are Life Improvement Courses covering nearly every area of life.  From relationships and family to personal motivation, honesty and financial success, nearly every part of life can be an area that a person wants to improve.  Scientology Life Improvement Courses are made for those people.  If you have something you would like to address, most likely there is a course addressing that exact thing.

There are 20 courses, divided into five broad categories which span almost every area of life.  For more specifics on each course, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Below are a listing of the Scientology Life Improvement Courses.


Overcoming Ups & Downs in Life
Personal Values & Integrity
How to Improve Relationships with Others
Knowing Who You Can Trust
How to Achieve Self-Confidence

How to Get Motivated
Formulas for Living
Scientology Tools to Organize for Success
Effective Time Management
Setting and Achieving Your Goals
Scientology Tools for Effective Leadership

Scientology Tools for Overcoming Financial Stress
Scientology Tools for Financial Security
Scientology Principles of Prosperity

Creating a Successful Marriage
Maintaining a Happy Marriage
Salvaging a Marriage

Having a Happy Baby
Successfully Raising Children
Successfully Parenting Tweens & Teens

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