Dianetics Testimonials

Full Reversal

“I had lost my job and someone suggested that I come to the Dianetics Seminar to help deal with this loss. Today I received the Dianetics procedure. I had a lot of pain connected with losing my job and other things that had occurred in my life. We handled so much of it and got rid of a great deal of the upset and I felt better.

“When we ended for a break, I saw that I had 6 missed calls on my phone. I listened to one of the messages, and it was my old boss asking me to call him back. I did and he told me that he wanted me back at my old position at work! This is so amazing. I am definitely going to work out how to do more Dianetics.” –E.H.

Really Different

“I have driven by the Dianetics Center but didn’t know it was like this. When I had the session today, I was amazed at how much I could remember. I even remembered something from when I was really, really young that I never would have imagined I could remember. There is something really different here. I have not been this happy and smiled like this in a very long time.” –G.O.

A Great Feeling

“I am having a lot of fun here. Yesterday I dealt with some really good stuff in my Dianetics session, and I left feeling so relaxed and peaceful. I went to sleep and slept better than I have in a long time. I also got to help another person with the Dianetics technique. I felt that this was the first time that I ever really helped someone. That is a great feeling. I want to continue doing Dianetics as much as I can.” –J.Y.

Creating Healthy Relationships

“I knew that I wasn’t totally living the life I wanted, but when I had the Dianetics session I learned that my words, thoughts and actions were not mine but came from my parents. I saw how I viewed my mother and my father when I was a child. The anger, the rage, the fear of them hurting each other—all of it—was very raw and very real to me. Because of this, I had a lot of upset around relationships between men and women. Now I see that I can release this, that not all relationships have to be antagonistic, and I can now start to see myself as capable of creating healthy relationships. When I realized this, I felt lighter and more alive.” –C.F.

Learning So Much

“I found some awesome things this morning with the help of the Dianetics technique and have learned so much! I can’t wait to find out about the other programs you have—specifically the drug rehabilitation program.” –J.A.

Strength Back

“I’m the type of person who likes to be happy and strong, but physical pain was annoying and draining me. After receiving Dianetics, my pain was gone. My strength came back and I saw that the relief I felt was because I had gotten rid of those things causing me emotional stress.” –C.S.

Unlocking the Past

“The Dianetics Seminar and the procedure helped me to unlock things in my childhood I forced myself to forget. I always felt like there was something in me that I couldn’t remember or get out of myself. I knew it had to do with my father and mother to start with.” I feel like a big weight has been lifted off me.–S.M.

A Precision Tool

“My dad used to beat me, so there was a lot pain connected with this—physically and emotionally. Getting the Dianetics technique has helped me with this. I got so much relief from looking at these painful incidents in my childhood, and I felt them go away. Dianetics is a precision tool that works. I plan to do the next Dianetics course, so I can get professional training and use Dianetics to help others.” –J.K.

Anyone Can Do It

“Today I helped a person get rid of an old, painful experience. She was so happy and relieved. Seeing the smile on her face was such a proud moment for me—just knowing that I can help make someone feel better. The other amazing part about it was that not much training is required to do it.  Anyone can do it and to know that means a lot.” –A.C.

Able to Face It

“I was abused as a little girl and neglected. I had even consulted with several psychologists, a hypnotist and a psychiatrist and after that thought that I would never have a solution to the suffering I felt from my childhood experiences. Someone told me about Dianetics. Finally, I was able to face what happened to me and those factors that were stopping me from happily living my life, and was able to get rid of those things which hadcreated so much unhappiness and disorder in my life.” –J.E.

Joy Back

“For some time I have been stuck in great grief over my brother’s death and was always thinking about him. I felt that a huge part of me had died with him. When I started getting the Dianetics counseling, I began to feel the majority of my joy come back to me. I want to continue doing Dianetics to remove all of the grief that had me so depressed before.” –R.J.

No Longer Alone

“I used to say that I wanted to be alone and not talk to anyone. If I had a phone call, I wouldn’t answer it. Even though I said this and felt this way, I knew something was wrong. During the Dianetics counseling, I saw that I had been trying to live as my grandfather who passed away. It wasn’t me who wanted this. I am now alive and am thankful for Dianetics and Mr. L. Ron Hubbard.” –E.P.

Headache Gone

“There was so much that I couldn’t tell my father when he was alive. Now after having the Dianetics procedure, I was finally able to say goodbye to him. I feel very good because of this. And the headache that accompanied my upset went away as well and I feel more relaxed. I am very happy that I came to get Dianetics because it gave me peace of mind.” –L.B.


“In this seminar, I learned how to listen better. I learned how to counsel another person with Dianetics, and I lost the fear and self-invalidation of not being able to do that. I overcame the fear and it gave me a lot of confidence and great joy to know that I can also help my friend with the many things that were bothering her.” –A.M.


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