Courses and Counseling

“What are your goals? Where are you going? Why are you here? What are you? Scientology has answers to these questions, good answers that are true, answers that work for you. For the subject matter of Scientology is you.”

–L. Ron Hubbard

Do you have questions about yourself and life? Do you believe things could be better or that you could be more successful in some area? Dianetics and Scientology contain knowledge you can use to find answers and solutions to the problems you face.

Following are several of the Beginning Services delivered by the Church of Scientology in Saint Louis. We deliver both courses and counseling to help you with practical tools that work.  

Choose from below to find the one that addresses what you want to improve in your own life.

Dianetics-SeminarHubbard Dianetics Seminar

The HUBBARD DIANETICS SEMINAR is a two-day interactive seminar where you will learn the basics of Dianetics and then actually use them. You and another person will pair up and apply the techniques described in the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health to each other. Read More…

Personal Efficiency Course - Scientology MissouriPersonal Efficiency Course

The Personal Efficiency Course is a powerful course in Scientology which gives you practical tools you can apply instantly to have more financial stability, happiness and contentment. Read More…

Success Through Communications CourseSuccess Through Communication Course

You learned how to talk, but did you learn how to communicate? Communicating is more than just speaking and listening. It is the foundation of your life. But what exactly is it, and how does it really work?
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Life Improvement Courses - Scientology MissouriLife Improvement Courses

Scientology Life Improvement Courses are classes delivered in a Scientology church which tackle very exact problems or areas of life. Some courses will introduce a person to Scientology or teach them about life in general. But what if a person has a problem they need to solve right now or an area of life they really have attention on?

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