Key Members of Our Staff

Executive Director, Rev. Chad Lane

ev. Lane has been a staff member of the Church of Scientology of Missouri for over 20 years and has been the Executive Director for a decade.  Under Rev. Lane’s leadership the organization has purchased the current building on Delmar Boulevard and then, to enable future expansion, a new 60,000 square-foot facility in the historic Lafayette Square neighborhood, near Downtown St. Louis.  Rev. Lane is both a highly-trained Scientology administrator and counselor, having advanced Scientology certifications in both.

The Founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, wrote in an article entitled The Aims of Scientology, “Nonpolitical in nature, Scientology welcomes any individual of any creed, race or nation.”

A cornerstone of Rev. Lane’s personal mission is to exemplify those words by Mr. Hubbard.  Having studied the Veda, the Bible, the Qur’an, the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads, to name but a few, Rev. Lane understands that compassionate individuals the world over are working to create a better future and have similar goals.  As such, he takes it upon himself not just to understand and relate to them, but to work shoulder-to-shoulder with them and so achieve our common goals of evolution to higher states of being, for the individual and for society.


Director of Community Affairs & Media Relations, Rev. Ellen Maher-Forney

Long an active force in the community, Rev. Maher-Forney has spearheaded the Church’s social betterment initiatives for over 20 years.  From drug prevention programs to grassroots community activism, Rev. Maher-Forney has personally overseen and organized hundreds of volunteers across the Midwest.  A member of the Interfaith Partnership and Vice Chair of Committed Caring Faith Communities, Rev. Maher-Forney has made community involvement and volunteerism her life’s work.

Graduating from Saint Mary of the Woods College with a B.A. in English, followed by post-graduate studies in Communications from the University of Tennessee, she became a Scientology staff member over 25 years ago. From day one, she committed herself to the task of creating a fair and equitable society for all, and has been a fervent supporter of human rights and personal freedoms.  As the regional spokesperson for the Church of Scientology, she is also the media relations contact for the Church of Scientology of Missouri.

Coordinating the Church’s efforts across eight states also puts her on the front lines of disaster relief efforts.  Most recently she helped organize the Churches of Scientology Disaster Response Team on the ground immediately in the aftermath of the devastating tornado which struck Joplin, Missouri.