Share Your Experiences

Have you experienced wins in your life as a result of Dianetics or Scientology?  Share them with others.

We have created a series of questions that you can answer on the subject of Dianetics and Scientology.  Your stories will show up for other people to read.  The result will be a profound number of people finding out the truth about Scientology from real people who have really experienced it.  It is our hope to provide a platform for the everyday person to be able to share his experiences on the subject.



Click on any of the areas below.  You’ll be taken to a new page dealing just with that subject.  Click on the button that says, “Click here to share your experience.”  Enter all your information and then check the box at the bottom.  Your story will show up on that page.  You can create as many of these as you like.  We’ll be adding more periodically, so come back often.

You can say whatever you like.  We are interested in real live communication, so we welcome your experiences.


The Questions:

What Changes Has Scientology Made In Your Life?

What Was The Most Profound Experience You’ve Had With Scientology?

How Has Scientology Made You a Better Parent?

How Has Scientology Helped You Achieve Your Goals?

How Has Scientology Made You Happier?

When Did You Realize Scientology Really Works?