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If you’re here it’s because you clicked on one of our Facebook about self-help.

Maybe you want to see what Dianetics is, maybe you’re just curious what the ad was all about.  However, most likely you are genuinely interested in methods of improving your life, or the lives of those around you, like your family and friends.  Maybe you have heard of Dianetics and maybe you haven’t.  Maybe you’ve heard that it has something to do with Scientology…which you probably heard of because of Tom Cruise or John Travolta.

So what is Dianetics?  First of all, you need to throw out all other ideas of self-help.  It isn’t those.  Really.  It isn’t Positive Mental Attitude, it isn’t “The Secret” and it isn’t anything on Oprah’s Book of The Month.  You see, Dianetics isn’t a “feel-good” subject.  It isn’t about how to make yourself happier without really changing your life.

Dianetics is a workable science of the mind.  I realize that sounds crazy, because there never has been a workable science of the mind.  That’s why you have to see it for yourself.  It doesn’t matter if anyone tells you how cool it is or how great it is–you need to experience it yourself, or it just sounds like a lot of hype.

Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health was a book written by L. Ron Hubbard in 1950.  He wrote the book after discovering the underlying mechanics of the mind and real-world tools to make the mind function more logically and rationally.  In other words, you can actually fix the mind.



You can actually apply the tools contained in Dianetics and remove the craziness, anxieties and anger that people have.  It isn’t by positive thinking–it’s by applying tools that really remove the underlying reasons for it.  The tools work if you try them and apply them exactly as written, without any changes.

This seems far-out because people have never actually experienced or seen anything like this before.  They’ve only seen scams or things that didn’t work, or maybe things that worked just a little bit but not in any permanent way.  Dianetics is different.  It’s different because it is workable and it’s permanent.  It contains breakthroughs that people simply didn’t know about.  The best analogy one could give would be the world of science.  Before personal computers in 1970, if you tried to explain Skype to someone and tried to get across the idea of online banking and email, they would think that you’re totally crazy.  Even if you presented it in a logical way, they would still just stare at you blankly because they’d never seen or heard anything like it.  It wouldn’t even seem possible.  But it was possible.  Breakthroughs are made and they’re made every day, and they’re real.  This breakthrough happened to be made in the field of the mind.

Basically L. Ron Hubbard discovered that a person’s past affects the way they think and act today.  He discovered that the past losses and physical pain that a person has experienced cause the irrational fears and emotions that bother them today.  In other words, people aren’t naturally crazy or stupid or neurotic–they are only made to act that way because of the incidents in their past that are blocked from their awareness and that are causing them to react irrationally.

Dianetics has been proven to work by thousands and thousands of testimonials across the world–proven to really, literally work.  These weren’t just people who were deluded into thinking they felt better for a little while–these are people who got rid of alcoholism, marital problems, a strange fear of water, claustrophobia, shyness, rage problems, compulsions to betray their spouse, etc.  This is wild stuff!  The really crazy part is that it works.  People actually experience life-changing results from it.

It isn’t automatic and it isn’t easy.  You really have to apply yourself and do it straight by the book.  However if you do, it can totally change your life, and that’s worth any amount of work you put into it.

Because Dianetics is so far-out there to people, a lot of people don’t even know what to think of it right off the bat.  Rather than trying to convince anyone to believe us, we just show them.  If it seems true for them, they can learn more.  If it doesn’t seem true, they can skip it.  The real test of anything is: “Does it work?”  Dianetics is no different.  It’s only as good as it works.

They only way you can know if Dianetics works is to try it for yourself and see if it worked…for YOU.

So that’s why the offer of a free DVD.  Before you actually decide if Dianetics works or not, you’ll need to read the book for yourself, and before you order the book, you’ll need to decide if the whole idea is even possible.  We’ll send you a DVD for free, because DVDs are cheap these days.  You can check it out and decide for yourself–with no obligation–if you think it is even something that’s possible.  And if you believe that it might work, order the book and read it.  The book will tell you everything you need to know, and will actually teach you how to apply Dianetics counseling techniques to others.

Order your copy of “Dianetics: An Introduction” DVD for free.  There is no obligation of any kind.  We promise never to share your information with any third party.  



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