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Founded 1969

The Church of Scientology of Missouri was founded on December 8th, 1969. For over four decades now, the Church has had provided effective solutions to Midwesterners from all walks of life. Since we opened our doors so long ago, a steady stream of people has come in, to find practical answers and workable tools for the challenges they face in everyday living.

Our Public

From veterinarians and farmers to university students and corporate executives, the vast range of lifestyles in the American Midwest has been clearly demonstrated, time and time again. by the wide-ranging interests and questions of those crossing our threshold every day. They all find something found nowhere else—exactly what they were looking for!

Solutions and Answers

If you have looked for solutions—if you have sought, in any way, to better some part of your life or make things better around you, we have the answers. From Sunday Services, open houses and special events to the precision of Scientology technology, you will find positive solutions for your life and effective results. You will also find out about programs in which you can participate to bring effective solutions to the community’s most pressing social problems.

Home to You

This is home for Scientology in the Midwest. This is home to anyone who wants to better their life. This is home to you. This is where you can find a brighter future and a better life. We want you to experience something rare and unique in today’s world: truth, happiness and success. It is all there at the Church of Scientology of Missouri.

Call Us – We Can Help

If there is anything you would like help with, or if you have any questions, please call or e-mail us today. There really is no time like now.