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What is Scientology? “In what way does Scientology differ from other religions?”

Nearly all religions share a belief in helping man live a better life.  In Scientology, this concept is expressed as one of the aims of the Church, which is to achieve a world without insanity, war and crime.
While Scientology has much in common with other religions in this regard, particularly in terms of its basic religious concepts and its outreach into the community with social reform programs, the most valuable asset that Scientology has to offer is a wealth of technology which brings about greater spiritual awareness.

Unlike some religions which believe that man is intrinsically evil, Scientology believes man is basically good.  The Scientology religion offers practical tools one can use to better oneself and others.  Some religions offer salvation in the hereafter, while Scientology offers certainty of eternal salvation now.

Scientology makes it possible for any religion to attain its goals and is therefor a religion of religions.

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