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What is Scientology? “Does Scientology have a concept of God?”

Most Definitely. In Scientology, the concept of God is expressed as the eighth dynamic–the urge toward existence as infinity, as God or the Supreme Being or Author of the Universe. As the eighth dynamic, Scientology’s concept of God rests at the very apex of universal survival.

As L. Ron Hubbard wrote in “Science of Survival”: “No culture in the history of the world, save the thoroughly depraved and expiring ones, has failed to affirm the existence of a Supreme Being. It is an empirical observation that men without a strong and lasting faith in a Supreme Being are less capable, less ethical and less valuable to themselves and society…A man without an abiding faith is, by observation alone more of a thing than a man.”

Unlike religions with Judeo-Christian origins, the Church of Scientology has no set dogma concerning God that it imposes on its members. As with all its beliefs, Scientology does not ask individuals to believe anything on faith. Rather, as one’s level of spiritual awareness increases through participation in Scientology auditing and training, he attains his own certainty of every dynamic and, as he moves from the seventh (spiritual) dynamic to the eighth, will come to his own understanding of infinity and God and his relationship to it.

Scientology seeks to bring one to a new level of spiritual awareness where he can reach his own conclusions concerning the nature of God (or the Supreme Being or infinity) and what lies in store for him after his present lifetime. Thus, like many Eastern religions, salvation in Scientology is attained through personal spiritual growth and enlightenment.