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Recession proofing your life

How do we gain economic security in uncertain times?

We are lead to believe that our future will be safe only if we invest in the right mutual fund, or listen to the financial wizard du jour.   Many millions of dollars are spent to convince us to hand over our cash to strangers so that they may “invest” it in the legalized gambling method known as the stock market.  However, these solutions don’t always provide us with security, as those who invested with Bernie Madoff will tell you.

No – there is only one way to gain true security, and it has nothing to do with purchasing the right financial product.  Rather, we must raise our personal level of awareness and ability to the point that we can confront and control any circumstance – no matter how wild, dangerous or unforeseen.  As an example, if we could instantly learn a new trade, we would be impervious to the vicissitudes of layoffs.  If we could talk to anyone comfortably, we would quickly get the friends, skills and equipment needed to breast any storm.  If we could comfortably confront any amount of work, we would be impervious to the helpless horror of inflation – as we would simply create our own goods rather than purchase them from other people.

In Handbook for Preclears, L. Ron Hubbard says, “Self-confidence alone is security.  Your ability is your security.  There is no security but you…  Actually you are a giant tied down with cotton lint.  You tied the knots and said where you’d lie…  But the cold, basic truth is that you are a vital and necessary part of this world and anything that is wrong with you, you have assumed in an effort to be what has passed for ‘human.’”  

The next time you feel that you are being held back by economics, remember that economic news and forecasts are created by people who are paid to worry others.  They get commissions from selling their products.  The media gets advertising money for securing viewers who, worried about the conditions of life, sit glued to their televisions.  Things are not nearly as chaotic and upsetting as they are sold to be.  Make it a personal exercise to observe your environment and see, how many times during the day, the people around you perform positive actions or say nice things.  Compare this to the ratio of positive news on television or radio and realize it is skewed; not because nothing good is happening, but because good news doesn’t pay.

Scientology offers a free course to help overcome the barrage of misleading and alarmist data that accosts us daily.  You can do it for free here.

Secondly, devise your own plan to increase your security.  This is not a financial plan, but rather, a plan that allows you to increase your ability and knowledge so that you can cope with whatever life can throw at you.  This plan will be uniquely your own, and should make the best possible use of your strengths, while taking your weaknesses into account.  To help you do this, the Church of Scientology offers a free course that will help you make your plans a reality.  You can see that here.

There is no reason to continue to be worried about “harsh economic times” – there is always something that can be done about it and you can succeed.