Personal Improvement Seminar Series

The Church of Scientology offers a regular series of personal improvement seminars and workshops dealing with all aspects of life.

If you feel like you could be more successful, if you feel like there is an area of your life you’d like to improve, if you feel like you can reach a higher level of potential, these seminars are what you’ve been looking for.

Dealing with real-world situations that affect all of us, these seminars and workshops get to the root of the situation in a way that others don’t.  These aren’t discussions of philosophy or feel-good motivational pep talks.  These are practical ways to really change conditions in your life for the better.

The powerful information in these workshops opens up previously unresolvable areas of life by breaking them down to the simple truths that are the bottom of the issues, and giving people workable tools they can use every day.

If you would like to be happier, more self-confident and get more out of life, these workshops are for you.

If you know that there is a higher level of happiness and personal ability you can attain, and you know things aren’t quite right about the way life is going but can’t put your finger on it—these workshops are for you.

If you know you have a higher potential but don’t know how to tap into it, these workshops are absolutely for you.

All workshops and seminars are free of charge as a public service and occur every week at the Church of Scientology at 6901 Delmar Blvd. in University City.

Call or write us to us about any of the seminars and workshops below and we’ll send you a list of the next scheduled times.



“Recession-Proof Yourself: How To Prosper In Today’s Economy”
Success And Finance Seminar


“Becoming a Successful Student”
Study Skills Workshop


“Personal Confidence In Uncertain Times”
Success and Finance Seminar


“Attaining Success In Today’s Economy”
Success and Finance Seminar


“Get Motivated, Stay Motivated”
Success and Finance Seminar




“Overcoming Divorce: Moving Past The Loss”
Personal Relationships Seminar


“What’s Stopping You From Finding Love?”
Personal Relationships Seminar


“Picking The Right Partner”
Personal Relationships Seminar


“Overcoming The Problems of a Family in 2012”
Family Counseling Seminar




“Overcoming Grief: How to Find Happiness Again”
Personal Happiness Workshop


“Psychosmatic Illness: When The Tests Can’t Find Anything”
Lecture On The Mind


“Clear Body Clear Mind”
Detox and Wellness Lecture


“Why Won’t I Exercise?”
Exercise and Fitness Motivation Class


Life Without Worry”
Stress Reduction Workshop


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