About Clear View


Clear View is the monthly magazine of the Church of Scientology of Missouri.  Published by the Church since the early 1970′s, Clear View has now moved into the 21st century, with the magazine articles also posted here on the web under, “Magazine Posts.”

The definitive Scientology periodical for the Midwest, Clear View not only features articles about Dianetics and Scientology technologies and their application, but also provides a window into the Scientology world and recent happenings.  From local activities for Scientologists to successes of volunteers in helping to better the lives of others, Clear View publishes something extremely rare in these times–good news and workable solutions.

If you have something you feel should be included in Clear View please don’t hesitate to send in an article, news or an idea.  Our editorial staff will consider it for inclusion.


Separate from Clear View, the Church also has a blog written solely for the web.  Various contributors give a unique perspective on the world around us and provide tools to help live a happier, more successful life.  Unique to our website, the blog has content you simply won’t find anywhere else.