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New Scientology Mission Opens in Esil, Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan is a country rich in European and Asian culture and reflects that ethnic diversity and mixed racial heritage of its people.


The grand opening celebration for Esil Mission started in traditional fashion with a Kazak song accompanied by a dombra; a stringed instrument played by plucking.


Mission Holder Gulzhan Kuanova gave a welcoming speech outlining the history of the Church of Scientology and its purposes followed by speeches from government officials. The Deputy of the Executive of the Administrative Staff of the President of Kazakhstan welcomed the Mission and talked about how this Mission and its services will benefit all the people of the area.


Immediately following the ribbon cutting, guests entered the Mission under a shower of candies; another Kazak tradition. Dianetic counseling was delivered along with introductory lectures to attendees. Plans are now underway with the staff of the Mission to train more auditors and supervisors to deliver Dianetics and Scientology courses and counseling and at a broader level to provide real solutions to the people of Kazakhstan.