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New Scientology Mission of Tijuana, Mexico


Tijuana, Mexico is located on the US border, 12 miles south of San Diego, California. It is one of Mexico’s major tourist cities with tens of thousands of visitors each year. 50,000 vehicles pass by the location of the new Scientology Mission of Tijuana every day.


Mission Director Carlos Diaz became a Scientologist nearly three years ago and has been actively disseminating Dianetics and Scientology technology to others ever since. The mission Executive Director, Trini Roso Hernandez, is a trained Dianetics counselor and regularly gives lectures on Dianetic counseling techniques and the miracle wins she’s delivered to others.


Carlos and Trini teamed up to open the new Tijuana Mission because they want to help both children and adults improve their lives and, more specifically, they want to help those with drug problems in this city.


Along with a mariachi band dressed in full traditional attire, the Public Executive Secretary for the Church of Scientology of San Diego also attended the grand opening. He told the new mission staff that the Church of Scientology of San Diego is looking forward to giving them any assistance they need to do the job of assisting the people of Tijuana lead better lives and to create a brighter future for their city.