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New Church of Scientology Mission of Villahermosa


Villahermosa, the capitol of the Mexican state of Tabasco, lies on the southern banks of the Gulf of Mexico. Villahermosa means literally “beautiful city” in Spanish and this location definitely lives up to its name. It is known for its lush tropical vegetation, deep blue lagoons and friendly citizens.


Villahermosa is also a home base for tourists to nearby sites of ancient Mayan civilization.


The Mission Director, Hector Flores, established the new Villahermosa Church of Scientology Mission in a prominent two-story building and erected a huge sign visible from many locations.


Internationally renowned artist, long-term Scientologist and native of Tabasco, Leonardo Pereznieto, spoke at the grand opening giving his commitment to help resolve the most pressing problems in Tabasco — lliteracy and crime.


Government officials, who also attended the grand opening, said they were impressed by the size and scope of the Church of Scientology and its social programs which offer real help to so many hundreds of thousands of individuals.


Tour of the new facilities were conducted following the speeches and ribbon cutting. The Way to Happiness booklet was given as a gift to all attendees. One-for-one, people touring the new mission said they are very excited to have Dianetics and Scientology services in their area.