Mental Health Rights Advocacy

Dangerous Mind-Altering Drugs

It is estimated that over 63,000 people have committed suicide as a result of antidepressants, some as young as five years old.  The side effects of  today’spowerful psychotropic drugs include not only mania, aggression, hostility and psychosis, but also homicidal ideation and suicidal tendencies.  These are widely prescribed without proper medical or physical tests–with the practitioner sometimes barely interviewing the person to whom they are recommending dangerous mind-altering drugs.

Irresponsible Drugging of Children

With children as young as two years old now being prescribed anti-psychotics, it has become obvious that traditional medical ethics is no longer driving the field of mental health.  The $80 billion pharmaceutical industry has taken over with an incredibly powerful business model which uses incredibly sophisticated marketing to generate billions of dollars in revenue–with no thought to the patients or families that are being destroyed.

Grassroots Volunteers

Standing up to such abuses, for decades the Church of Scientology of Missouri has supported efforts to bring justice and dignity back to the field of mental health.  From grassroots education, touring exhibits and media activism, to personal support for those who have been abused by psychiatrists and their dangerous practices, Scientologists in the Midwest are at the forefront of eradicating mental health abuses.

Founded in part by the Church of Scientology in 1969, the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is an international watchdog group dedicated to these aims.  The St. Louis chapter of CCHR is a powerful team of dedicated volunteers and staunch supporters, having formed wide alliances with like-minded groups.  Since its founding in 1989, CCHR St. Louis’s history is one of resolute persistence in the face of well-funded vested interests and benevolent compassion in defending those who cannot defend themselves.


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