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The most liberating and self connecting day of my life!

This has truly been one of the most liberating and self-connecting days in my entire life.  I was audited by Donna on the death of my 4 month old daughter, which took place in January 1996.

This was the most tragic and painful event in my life!  One that I had been bearing both burden and guilt for the past 15 years.

Today, as circumstances would have it, homeless, indecisive and emotionally suppressed, I walked right into the Church of Scientology and was signed up for a session by Robin (Thank you!).  When she brought out Donna’s schedule she was booked every day except today!  So that leads me to the very skilled and very compassionate Donna.  She was ready and willing to oblige and accommodate on such short notice.  I’m guessing she could sense the urgency!

She was excellent.  She kept me where I needed to be and brought me right on through the incident.  She was so on point with her questioning that there was no way I could NOT benefit from that Dianetics auditing session.

Now my self determinism is back intact and I am headed on a a good path!