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Heard of Dianetics?  Wonder what it is?  Wonder why it’s the best-selling self-help book of all time?  Find out for yourself.  Get this free DVD all about Dianetics.

With over 22 million copies sold, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Healthwas the self-help book that swept the world and created an international movement, still selling strongly 60 years after it was released!  This DVD will give you the basics of Dianetics and show how anyone’s “reactive mind” can be “cleared,” thus freeing them from their past and restoring their own basic personality.

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 DVD Contains:

  • A full description of what Dianetics is and how it is used.
  • A description of some of the basic natural principles of the mind which underlie all else and which everyone has in comm.  These basic discoveries are as fundamental to the workings of the mind as the periodic table is to chemistry.
  • The results Dianetics can get on people and how it can be used to address irrational fears, emotions and upsets, as well as psychosomatic illness and and pain.
  • A video showing the history of Dianetics, how it was published and how it has since spread all over the world.
  • Personal stories from real people about Dianetics and how it changed their life.


  • Key excerpts taken directly from the Dianetics Audiobook, so you can hear the book on tape for yourself, specifically including the sections “The Goal of Man,” “Is it Human to Err?” and “The Mechanics of the Mind.”


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