Dianetics: The Best Selling Self-Help Book Of All Time

FACT: Dianetics has sold over 21 million copies worldwide.

FACT:  Dianetics has been translated into 50 languages across the planet.

FACT:  Dianetics is available nearly everywhere on Earth, reaching across 165 nations.

FACT:  Dianetics is indisputably the best selling self-help book of all time.


Why such phenomenal success?

Why does it keep selling?

Why all the controversy?


Everyone has heard of Dianetics.  They’ve all heard the hype.  They’ve seen the sound bites.  They’ve seen it on the news.

Everyone keeps talking about it.  It’s just the book that won’t go away.  After 50 years it still sells strongly and consistently, worldwide.  Not limited to a country or a language, Dianetics has become a runaway publishing phenomenon–an unprecedented achievement for a book originally only slated for one printing run.

Is it quackery or a breakthrough?  Is it celebrity hype or honestly workable?

No matter what anyone says, there’s only one way to find out.  You need to read it for yourself.

After 61 years in print, if this book isn’t in your library, you are missing out on a cultural phenomenon.

Regardless of your philosophical leanings, this book is a must-read.  Dianetics is here to stay and it’s only getting bigger by the year.  Find out why.

This isn’t about ideology.  It isn’t about political or religious leanings.  This is about a worldwide sensation that has now spread into mainland China as well as closed and heavily-censored countries in the Islamic world.  Dianetics continues to grow day by day.  Why?  And why has it taken on a life of its own.

There is only one way to find out.

Buy and Read Dianetics.


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What Is Dianetics?

Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health is a book written by American philosopher L. Ron Hubbard.  Containing revolutionary discoveries on the mind, Dianetics is changing the way the world views mental illness, psychosomatic illness and self-help.


Why Is It So Popular?

Dianetics has been an international sensation for only one reason: it works.  Word of mouth alone has caused it to circle the globe repeatedly.  Millions of people across the world have read the book, then finding that the book works, they tell their friends to read the book, which generates more interest in the book.  Since it was released in 1950, the book has appeared on 116 best seller lists, making it a publishing phenomenon.


What’s So Special About It?

Dianetics released L. Ron Hubbard’s breakthrough discoveries on the mind and life.  Not just “another self-help book,” Dianetics contained scientifically researched principles that were based strictly on workability, not ideology or theory.  As a result the book contains powerful tools that can be used by anyone to address painful emotions and psychosomatic illnesses at their root, solving them forever.


How Does Dianetics Work?

Dianetics is based on the fundamental discovery of the reactive mind, the unconscious part of your mind that contains all of your past painful experiences and emotions.  L. Ron Hubbard discovered that the reactive mind was the source of irrational fears, upsets and behavior.  The reactive mind is hidden from a person and affects him continually throughout his life, but it was discovered that it can be addressed and the painful emotions and incidents of his past released from affecting him.


Dianetics Testimonials:

Able to Face It

“I was abused as a little girl and neglected. I had even consulted with several psychologists, a hypnotist and a psychiatrist and after that thought that I would never have a solution to the suffering I felt from my childhood experiences. Someone told me about Dianetics. Finally, I was able to face what happened to me and those factors that were stopping me from happily living my life, and was able to get rid of those things which hadcreated so much unhappiness and disorder in my life.” –J.E.

Joy Back

“For some time I have been stuck in great grief over my brother’s death and was always thinking about him. I felt that a huge part of me had died with him. When I started getting the Dianetics counseling, I began to feel the majority of my joy come back to me. I want to continue doing Dianetics to remove all of the grief that had me so depressed before.” –R.J.

No Longer Alone

“I used to say that I wanted to be alone and not talk to anyone. If I had a phone call, I wouldn’t answer it. Even though I said this and felt this way, I knew something was wrong. During the Dianetics counseling, I saw that I had been trying to live as my grandfather who passed away. It wasn’t me who wanted this. I am now alive and am thankful for Dianetics and Mr. L. Ron Hubbard.” –E.P.


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Dianetics is the all-time self-help best seller.  Since its meteoric climb to the top of the best seller lists over 60 years, it has continued to drive a worldwide movement.  If you are going to read one self-help book, this is it.  This book deserves a place on anyone’s shelf.

What is Dianetics all about?  Why do people make such a big deal about it?  Find out for yourself.  Read the book, do your own analysis and make your own decisions.

You can be guaranteed one thing.  You haven’t read anything like it before.


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