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I have found the correct solutions for me and my office!

“For years, I have been looking at why I felt I had not quite arrived as the owner and the Executive Director for my office.  I always felt like there was something missing from my ability to effectively run my office but could never figure out why.  Then I took the Financial Planning course.

“From this course I believe now that I have found the right answers and it is really encompassed in the chapter Financial Planning, but it did really not come together until I was fully doing the final course exercise.

“Doing financial planning gives an executive the exact things he should do.  Hell!  Financial planning looks at the whole thing.  It gives the answer to what one should do.  It gives the answer to the problem areas that produce an exchangeable, viable product.  It is used to find the right policy to apply and the correct steps to take.  It gives a manager directions.

“I can say with certainty that I have found the right answers for me and my organization!”

-Dr. Dustan Mattingly, D.C.