Reversing Moral Decline

The Morality Crisis

What lies beneath all that is wrong with our world today is a deepening moral crisis.  The evidence is everywhere: intolerance, with rampant racial and ethnic hate crimes; greed, with corporate criminal theft and employee and consumer fraud totally hundreds of billions of dollars; immorality, with pornography now accounting for better than a third of all webpages; and criminality, with violent crime increasing over the last five decades by 500%.  At the root of all of it is a loss of basic morals and values.

In the chaotic conflicts of modern times, old outdated morals have been dropped, with nothing to take their place.  Rightly or wrongly, old dogmas have fallen  into disuse and, having nothing else to fill that void, society loses any moral compass at all.  Decay sets in slowly or rapidly.

But helping to reverse this decline and restore to Man integrity and trust, is The Way To Happiness.  Authored by L. Ron Hubbard in 1980 to fill the moral void in an increasingly materialistic society, The Way To Happiness is the first moral code based entirely on common sense.  Entirely non-religious in nature, the book is composed of 21 precepts, or guidelines, such as “Take Care of Yourself,” “Do Not Steal” and “Flourish and Prosper” that can be followed by anyone.


All Races, Colors and Creeds

Because it is entirely based on common sense, it can easily be applied by anyone of any ethnic or religious background.  No matter one’s nationality, no matter one’s color or creed, common sense always applies to everyone.  All humans yearn for basic integrity and solid morals.  All societies thrive when acting for the good of all, and crumble when they go too far astray.

And so it is with this in mind that Scientologists in the Midwest have long supported efforts to introduce The Way To Happiness to people everywhere.  Through grassroots distribution of the booklet to community clean-up campaigns, Scientologists young and old not only follow the guidelines laid down in the book themselves, but also provide it to others so that they can straighten out their own lives.  The life-changing effects can be profound.  Just getting another to read and study the book can create a terrific betterment in their life.

Through grassroots distribution of the booklet and organized social programs such as prisoner education, Scientologists have been restoring basic ethics and integrity for over three decades.

Now, with the release of stunning audiovisual properties such as The Way To Happiness public service announcements and feature-length film, the profound impact of this common-sense guide to better living is being felt even more deeply than before.  One only has to watch a small part of the film to see why.

And so although Scientologists have been active in bringing integrity and moral values to St. Louis and surrounding areas for the past 30 years, with current expansion plans now underway, the accomplishments of the past will be but a prelude to what lies ahead.


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