Human Rights Education

One Person At a Time

What does human rights education have to do with the Heartland of America?  When one lives in one of the freest nations of Earth, why is it necessary to educate people on their basic human rights?  Well, there are two reasons for that.  One is the basic fact laid down by the Founding Fathers of the United States so long ago–a person only has such rights as long as he knows what they are and is educated in basic human dignity.  The moment those aren’t known to him, or are not known well, is the moment they begin to be usurped and eroded.

The second, and deeper reason, is that human rights aren’t just something for international bodies or countries to deliberate over–they are the heart of how we treat each other every day.  Kids in school, different political parties, business people in the marts of trade–each of these daily has interactions with each other and these interactions are what defines our quality of life and happiness.  If people treat each other with dignity and respect, according each other their basic human rights on a one-on-one level, this is the foundation on which international peace and harmony can occur.  All social change is built on the smallest scale possible, one person at a time.

“United For Human Rights”

To that end, the Church has long been a supporter of the “United For Human Rights” movement, the cornerstone of which is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in 1948.  By means of audio visual material and booklets describing the 30 rights laid down by the U.N., it is the goal of the Church to hold all nations of Earth accountable to those fundamental agreements made so long ago.  An agreement is only so good as it’s kept, and that is the aim of the Church, with grassroots education of kids, blanket distribution of the booklets and presentation of audiovisual material such as the Human Rights Public Service Announcements“The Story of Human Rights” or the “United For Human Rights” Music Video.


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