Drug Prevention

The “War on Drugs”

In the real world, drug prevention starts with education. No matter how much enforcement or punishment you use, brute force simply won’t beat a whole system of drug dealers and deeply-ingrained cultural ideas.  No amount of arrests or prison sentences will work–as evidenced by the fact that the “War on Drugs” hasn’t been won, despite the billions of dollars spent on law enforcement and regulations.  And if billions more were to be spent, it still wouldn’t be won.


There is only one way to win the “War on Drugs,” and that’s through education.  Educating someone on the realities of drugs is what’s necessary–in their own language and in a way that is real to them.  Scare tactics won’t work and neither will any other gimmick.  Youth who are at risk respond the same way we all do: to the facts.

Foundation For a Drug-Free World

As such, the Church supports a spectacularly effective drug prevention, education and awareness program run by the Foundation For A Drug-Free World.  The cornerstone of the program are the drug education booklets and videos   providing the truth about drugs.

Printed and distributed by Scientologists at fairs, parades and community events throughout the Midwest, these booklets make a profound difference on those who are at risk of becoming drug users.  Besides basic distribution directly to particular demographics, the Church also does lectures and seminars to educate and inform, not only on the dangers of drugs, but how others can get involved to effectively combat this societal problem with real tools that really work.


Long-Term View

Since the late 1980s the Church of Scientology of Missouri has sponsored anti-drug campaigns.  An active member of the St. Louis community for decades, the Church’s goal is the broad education of youth about the dangers of drugs, resulting in a total reversal in usage rates in our area.



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