Disaster Response

In The Face of Disaster….

In the face of human misery and suffering, in the face of unexpected trauma, we must all make a choice: do we disrupt our daily routine, our job and our family by going out to help others we don’t know and may never see again, or do we keep our head down, ignoring the loss they’re experiencing and hope such a thing never happens to us?  Such are the questions we all must ask ourselves–the answers to which determine the happiness and survival of all humankind.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers

For decades individual Scientologists in the Midwest have answered these tough questions uncompromisingly in the affirmative through the Church’s Volunteer Minister corps.  Heading out into the worst disasters, from Hurricane  Katrina to the recent Joplin tornado, Scientologists make it a point of personal pride and duty to be there on the ground immediately after disaster strikes.  Whether filling sandbags to keep back the floods of the Mississippi, distributing supplies or ministering to the traumatized and stricken victims suffering very personal loss, Scientology Volunteer Ministersare organized to go where duty calls and do whatever is needed.

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