Community and Humanitarian Activities

“Your help is acceptable to us.  Our help is yours.”


Scientology Children's Choir caroling at a local nursing home.

Those words were written by L. Ron Hubbard in the Aims of Scientology in September of 1965.  And this exemplifies the Church’s attitude toward others to this day.  Whether one-on-one counseling or drug prevention activities out in the community at large, the purpose and common thread running throughout all the Church’s activity is help.  

As such, the local Church sponsors community betterment and humanitarian activities across a broad spectrum.  Linked with other Scientology churches and international coordinating bodies, this creates powerful network of like-minded people able to share resources and experiences and get far more done than they otherwise would.  The result is a strong and vibrant community of dedicated volunteers offering their help to the world at large and above all, getting results.


Local Humanitarian and Social-Betterment Initiatives:

Drug Prevention

Human Rights Education

Disaster Response

Mental Health Rights Advocacy

Reversing Moral Decline