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What is Scientology? “Does Scientology have a concept of God?”

Most Definitely. In Scientology, the concept of God is expressed as the eighth dynamic–the urge toward existence as infinity, as God or the Supreme Being or Author of the Universe. As the eighth dynamic, Scientology’s concept of God rests at the very apex of universal survival. As L. Ron Hubbard wrote in “Science of Survival”:  Read more »

What is Scientology? “How does one know that he is a spirit?”

It is a matter that each individual must examine for himself.  Scientologists believe man is more than a mind and body and that it is he, himself, the spirit, who can control the mind and the body would do anything by itself if it were not guided by you, the being?

What is Scientology? “Is man a spirit?”

Yes.  A short exercise can quickly answer this for anyone:  If you have someone close their eyes and get a picture of a cat, they will get a mental image picture of a cat.  But who exactly is looking at that picture in the mind?  The answer, of course, is the human spirit itself.  In  Read more »

What is Scientology? “In what way does Scientology differ from other religions?”

Nearly all religions share a belief in helping man live a better life.  In Scientology, this concept is expressed as one of the aims of the Church, which is to achieve a world without insanity, war and crime. While Scientology has much in common with other religions in this regard, particularly in terms of its  Read more »

What is Scientology? “Is Scientology like hypnotism, meditation, psychotherapy or other mental therapies?”

There is no resemblance.  In fact it was as a result of L. Ron Hubbard’s investigation of hypnotism and many other mental practices that he saw the need for practical answers to man’s problems.  In his book, “Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health” he wrote that he had found hypnotism and psychotherapy to be  Read more »

What is Scientology? “Is Scientology a secret society?”

Not at all. The term “secret society” indicates that one would need to withdraw from society and that the group would be difficult to learn about. Quite to the contrary, Scientology scripture (the basic books) are translated into over 50 languages to make the subject available to virtually anyone. Churches of Scientology often hold Open  Read more »

What is Scientology? “Is Scientology open to anyone?”

Scientology is open to anyone who seeks spiritual betterment. The materials that make up Scientology scripture are readily available at Churches of Scientology and public libraries throughout the world. There are 17 basic books that cover the subject of Scientology and Dianetics in chronological order. They can be ordered online from the online bookstores, they  Read more »

What is Scientology? “How does the Church view relationships between a Scientologist and family members who are not Scientologists?”

The Church encourages and helps its members to have excellent family relationships, whether or not their relatives are Scientologists.  In fact, relationships between a Scientologist and the rest of his family routinely improve after he begins practicing Scientology because he has acquired the means to increase communication and address and resolve any problems that might  Read more »

What is Scientology? “How does Scientology view marriage and the family?”

Scientology regards the family as the building block of any society and marriage as an essential component of a stable family life. People often find that after they begin practicing Scientology, their relationships with their spouses and other family members strengthen dramatically.  That is because  Scientology teaches an individual to communicate more freely with others,  Read more »

What is Scientology? “How do people get into Scientology?”

Usually by word of mouth, often by reading a book or seeing promotional materials or visiting a Church of  Scientology.   Sometimes a person becomes interested by meeting a Scientologist and seeing that the Scientologist has workable methods for handling situations in life– perhaps communication,  self-confidence or just exhibiting a positive attitude in rough times-  and  Read more »