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What is Scientology? “What does Scientology accomplish?”

Scientology stresses the application and workability of  its principles and techniques.  When properly practiced, Scientology enables one to develop in all aspects of life, both spiritual and temporal.  It addresses the individual and brings about greater happiness, self-confidence and ability by increasing a person’s awareness and effectiveness in life.  It differs from other religious philosophies  Read more »

What is Scientology? “How does Scientology work?”

The Scientology religion provides answers to many questions about life and death.  It encompasses an exact, precisely mapped-out path.  Through application of Scientology technology principles in an auditing session, a person is able to remove barriers and unwanted conditions and so become more himself.  As a person progresses, he often reaches out to help others  Read more »

What is Scientology? “What religious holidays do Scientologists celebrate?”

Scientologists celebrate several major holidays annually.  These include the birthday of L. Ron Hubbard (March 13); the date marking the initial publication of  Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health (May 9); Auditor’s Day, in honor of all auditors (second Sunday in September); and the anniversary of the founding of the International Association of Scientologists,  Read more »

What is Scientology? “What does the Scientology symbol the ‘S’ and double triangle, represent?”

The “S” stands for Scientology. The lower triangle is called the ARC triangle, (pronounced by the letters A,R,C);  A for affinity, R for reality and C for communication.  These three interdependent factors combined ass up to understanding and are expressed as a triangle.  ARC is a fundamental principle of the Scientology religion. The first corner  Read more »

What is Scientology? “What is the Scientology cross?”

It is an eight-pointed cross representing the eight parts or dynamics of life through which each individual is striving to survive.  These parts are: the urge toward existence as self, as an individual;  the urge to survive through creativity, including the family unit and the rearing of children; the urge to survive through a group  Read more »

What is Scientology? “Does Scientology have a scripture?”

Yes. The writings and recorded spoken words of L. Ron Hubbard on the subject of Scientology collectively constitute the scripture of the religion.  He set forth the Scientology theology and technologies in more than 500,00 pages of writings, including dozens of books and over 2,000 tape recorded public lectures. There are 17 basic books all  Read more »

What is Scientology? “Why is Scientology a church?”

The word church comes from the Greek word kyrios meaning “lord” and the Indo-European base kewe, “to be strong.”  Current meanings of the word include “a congregation,”  ”ecclesiastical power as distinguished from the secular” and “the clerical profession; clergy.” The word church is not only used by Christian organizations.  There were churches ten thousand years before there were Christians, and  Read more »

What is Scientology? “Why is Scientology called a religion?”

Scientology certainly meets all three criteria generally used  by religious scholars around the world to determine religiosity: (1) a belief in some Ultimate Reality, such as the Supreme or eternal truth that transcends the here and now of the secular world; (2) religious practices directed toward understanding attaining or communing with this Ultimate Reality; and (3)  a community of believers  Read more »

What is Scientology? “Is it all based on one man’s work?”

Although Dianetics and Scientology were discovered by L. Ron Hubbard, he wrote: “Acknowledgement is made to fifty thousand years of thinking men without whose speculations and observations the creation and construction of Dianetics would not have been possible.  Credit in particular is due to: “Anaxagoras, Thomas Paine, Aristotle, Thomas Jefferson, Socrates, Rene Descartes, Plato, James  Read more »

What is Scientology? “How did Scientology start?”

L. Ron Hubbard began his studies of the mind and spirit in 1923, resulting in a manuscript entitled “Excalibur” in 1938.  It was in this unpublished work that the word “Scientology” first appeared to describe what Mr. Hubbard termed “the study of knowing how to know.” He decided against publishing the book, saying “Excalibur  did  Read more »